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TENVIS Cameras, The World Through the Eyes

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TENVIS Cameras, The World Through the Eyes

October 31
06:40 2020

Tenvis Technological Co., LTD, an innovational enterprise was founded in 2005. With the support of its advancing R&D, production and completed sales channels, its core vision is to become a leading visual solution provider.

Tenvis is well-renowned for its high quality standard of the competitive video surveillance devices with a customized customer service to their clients. Their products have been exported to worldwide customers and assist into the home security.

To ensure the benefits of decent customers, Tenvis has already registered the three qualified certificates to ensure the quality and user experience of the customers. Making innovational breakthrough is an everlasting target for Tenvis. Recently, Tenvis promoted two new series of dome cameras: Indoor&Outdoor, which satisfies the different needs of Tenvis’s customers.

Tenvis 1080P Home Security Camera

Sales Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071DDBT7M

The first one is the Tenvis 1080P home security camera. It is the classical representative of this series. With a nearly 360° coverage and smart night vision of the home area, it can monitor the area at anytime.

Sales Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FDX8ZML

The sensitive motion detection technology will help eliminate the potential risks. Once a theft enters the supervision area, then the camera will capture all of that and then send the instant notification to the owner via Tenvis customized app, the “Tenvisty”. All the same time, the physical local storage design will enable to protect the privacy. “What happens in your home, stays in your home”.

At the same time, Tenvis offers a flexible choice with different quantity and colors, so the customers can feel free to choose their preferences.

Tenvis 3MP Indoor Security Camera

Sales Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08G84LVLZ

The second one is the Tenvis 3MP Indoor security camera. High visibility is its major feature. Its 3.0 Megapixel lens of delivers a crystallized vision. Its night vision enables to observe up to 10m even at night.

Other than that, Tenvis did make some breakthroughs in the detection technology. For instance, the Tenvis 3MP camera has been upgraded with advanced Sound/Human&AI/Motion Detection & Auto Tracking. More specifically, it supports with human sound detection. No matter who is speaking under its supervision zone, the camera will sensitively track the motion.

Meanwhile, the AI Human detection is another heartwarming feature. Although high sensitivity is a great advantage of a security door, however, it can be annoying when a puppy or a cat is running all the time and triggering a large amount of notifications. Therefore, the Human AI detection can smartly identify the human activity and minimize the probability of false alarms.

While concerning the storage, the camera supports its storage ways by offering both local SD card storage as well as cloud storage. It follows the highest protection of data and privacy via ank-level AES 256-bit encryption and TLS Encryption Protocol. It can also be turned on the encrypted ID to set a PIN on the home camera. The privacy is Tenvis’s first priority.

Tenvis UCam

Sales Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FDM5RZ5

The third one comes to the Tenvis UCam. Unlike the previous cameras, it empathizes more on the data&privacy protection. Throughout the random encryption tech, a random, unique identity will then be created to each user only. With the support of the end-to-end encryption, The pin owner will be the only user to get access to the Tenvis Ucam app to view the clips. Unless the owner authorizes to someone else, there is no one who can get access to violate the owner’s privacy.

The Pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) function allows people to check every detail in their home. With the dual-way audio, people are able to instantly speak to the one who is under the supervision zone.

Meanwhile, the Ucam APP can be connected with smart devices via the QR code and other connection methods. With just one-click, a unique identity is generated for the owner only. Remember, Privacy matters to everyone and Tenvis will always respect that life value with the customers.

Tenvis Business Webcam

Sales Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0899CJN1X

The last indoor series is the Tenvis Business Webcam and its core function is to support video conferencing/webinars. Its full HD 1080P lens offers a clear visual quality to the customers. With the help of the 2.0M CMOS image sensors and the self-brightness correction, it can avoid any optical distortion.

The recording format of the camera adopts 30mps, which creates a fluent live streaming experience to the users. It is tailor-made for any mainstream livestream program, e.g. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and YouTube, etc. All it requires to do is to plug in the camera with the device and then it is ready to use.

Its built-in microphone comes with the latest noise cancellation technology.

It will give out a clear and natural audio effect to users even in a noisy environment.

Sometimes it can be frustrating for customers to place the camera in a proper position. To satisfy the needs of the customers, Tenvis would like to provide customers with a mounting clip and tripod, and so the users can clip it anywhere closed to the device.

TENVIS FHD 1080P Outdoor Security Camera

Sales Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08997HSSB

After finishing the introduction of the indoor series, it comes to the outdoor series, the TENVIS FHD 1080P Outdoor Security Camera. It can help monitoring the outdoor area of people’s home e.g. garden. By the 1080P live streaming, people can remotely monitor the supervision zone all the time via the TuyaSmart app. It can be connected to devices like Alexa as well.

When it comes to the outdoor equipment, night vision should always be one of the top priorities. The white LEDs and IR LEDs helps display perfect picture quality with a range up to 65 feet in a dim environment. Meanwhile, the outdoor security camera is rated with IP65, which is designed to function in all kinds of extreme weather.

The flexible motion detection recording allows people to adjust the sensitivity of the camera. Once there is someone coming closed to the camera, people can use the built-in microphone and speakers to interact with the person.

While concerning the storage, it supports a double storage. It allows either save clips to a 128GB TF card or cloud storage. It adopts the Financial Encryption Technology to ensure the security of people’s privacy.

If customers are interested in these series of cameras, Tenvis strongly recommend to keep track on their official website/Amazon official store as a reliable shopping recommendation and deal platform for great deals and coupons. Recording every joyful moment with Tenvis!

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