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Despite Fierce Competition In Make-Up Remover Market, The Meckiss Iris Oil Is Going Strong

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Despite Fierce Competition In Make-Up Remover Market, The Meckiss Iris Oil Is Going Strong

November 14
09:00 2020

The Makeup Remover Market has been growing at a significant growth rate of about 5% over the past few years and is expected to reach a market value of USD 2.48 billion by the end of 2024. Increasing usage of makeup and the growing importance of personal hygiene are the major factors driving the global demand for makeup removers.

The Meckiss Iris Cleansing oil has been well received ever since its launch in 2019. Despite the pandemic, sales have steadily increased. Meanwhile, Meckiss has successfully entered the Chinese market. What factors have shaped the success of Meckiss Iris Cleansing Oil?

A multi-tasker with colorful design

This eye-catching cleansing oil from the British brand Meckiss features a layered design and super fine emulsions. It cleanses and nourishes at the same time, leaving no remnants behind. Just all in one go, which is what everybody needs at the end of a busy working day or after a night out.

Catering to the popular consumer need: non-comedogenic

There are two main reasons why cleansing oil can cause acne. One is poorly purified mineral oil, emulsifiers, and synthetic fats added to reduce costs. The other is improper removing technique, which could cause blocked pores and inflammation. The basis of Meckiss’ cleansing oil is olive oil. It’s rich in vitamin E, and has a moisturizing and repairing effect. It emulsifies well when exposed to water, making it less likely to clog pores. What’s more, there’s no mineral oil used in their cleansing oil.

Suitable for a wide range of consumers

Some users may doubt as to whether this oil based cleanser is suitable for oily skin. Well, thanks to the subtle and balanced combination of emulsifiers, the Meckiss cleansing oil is actually watery in texture. That said, as an effective dissolvent, it can not only dissolve makeup, but also help clean pores. Hyaluronic acid, which is another potent ingredient used in this cleanser, has the effect to hydrate and replenish skin. As a result, whether one has dry, oily or sensitive skin, this wonderful “rainbow oil” is suitable for all customers.

Affordable prices to attract young consumers

Meckiss Iris make-up remover is the perfect solution to the trend of young consumers towards “international brands at affordable prices”. As a British cosmetic brand, Meckiss Iris Cleansing Oil is priced well within the reach of young people, who are looking for a trendy overseas brand.

About Meckiss

A youthful and stylish skincare brand from the UK. Packed with fancy, pop culture elements to show off one’s personality. Simple, effective, and at affordable price.

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