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MAVM will soon enter the Chinese market – Survival of Scar-Removing Brand In the Post-COVID19 Era

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MAVM will soon enter the Chinese market – Survival of Scar-Removing Brand In the Post-COVID19 Era

November 24
11:25 2020

MAVM is an emerging scar removing brand in Europe. Recently it about to enter the Chinese market. Under the background of COVID-19, the scar removal industry has been impacted considerably. As a new brand, in order not to end up in the trend of the times at the beginning of its establishment, MAVM decided to join the Chinese market, which was the earliest to restore the industry ecology, and to seek a chance.

Scar is an outcome for body’s self-protection. While the skin is damaged by external force, the body will activate the repair mechanism. The fibrinogen web, forming on the damaged surface, acts as temporary skin to prevent the continuous loss of blood and body fluid. It also protects the wound from external environment. Afterwards, fibroblasts begins to proliferate with the regeneration of capillaries and nerve endings. Connective tissue gradually replaces fibrin. Finally, scar tissue forms.

But when the wound healed, scar will turn into a burden from protection and at this time, MAVM will play its role. MAVM can reduce skin moisture evaporation and restrain the capillary regeneration. And then it softens scar or reduces hyperplasia. Reducing hyperplasia is crucial for the treatment of hypertrophic scar. Without human intervention, proliferative scar will expand rapidly. If this happens to teenagers in the growing period, it may affect their height because scars pull the skin.

Although China has entered the post-COVID19 era, its people still keep the habit of wearing masks, which they developed in the early and middle stages of the COVID-19. Among the skin troubles caused by wearing masks, acne is a big problem. MAVM believes that, at least by virtue of Chinese people’s habit of wearing masks, it is able to use acne products to expand Chinese market, and then bring other scar products into China.

MAVM is confident in the quality of its products. Scar is a skin problem that everyone will encounter. Some can fall off naturally, while others will leave traces for life. Even if there are reasons for individual differences in physical fitness, type and treatment of scars are also critical. Through the comparative research of scar constitution and non-scar constitution, MAVM studied different kinds of scar area and arrived at unique formula to deal with different situations.

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