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“The Crazy Quilt: A Primer and Memoir About Mental Illness” New Book by Elizabeth Casper-Rolfs – A Story That Deserves to Be Read

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“The Crazy Quilt: A Primer and Memoir About Mental Illness” New Book by Elizabeth Casper-Rolfs – A Story That Deserves to Be Read

November 24
12:30 2020

The Crazy Quilt: A Primer and Memoir About Mental Illness by Elizabeth Casper-Rolfs is a true account of one woman’s journey through life, the detours it takes and the obstacles it presents. By tackling everything from her initial breakdown to her painful mid-life relapse, it’s a refreshingly honest portrayal of what life with mental health issues is really like. To hear more about this inspiring work and how it came to be, an interviewer sat down with the woman behind the words.

“I’ve been fortunate to have the life I’ve lived in so many ways, and yet from the outside you would think that there is so much that I would happily change. The truth is that each event in my life has forced me to look in the mirror and see who was staring back at me, and to do it in an honest and mindful way. Without these obstacles, difficulties and challenges in my life, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person you see sitting before you today. I would be someone else altogether entirely, and that’s not who I want to be.”

Interesting, so how does she view her life as she looks back, and what does she take away from it?

“My initial breakdown is different from the relapse I went through during the middle years of my life, and the post partum depression I suffered was different than a number of the other troubles I outlined in the book. But the key point here is not to dwell on each of these as if they are the sign of some unique bad luck I have been subject to. It’s to lean in and learn from the experiences themselves so I can continue to move forwards in ways that protect who I am and allows me to continually get closer to who, where and what I want to be.”

It’s a really powerful way to talk about the challenges you have faced on your journey through life, so what does she hope her readers will take away from it?

“I hope that my words give people the strength they need to face their demons and their darkest hours in a way which ensures they never make the ultimate decision that they simply have to give up. I have come close to that point more than once, which is why I want to ensure others understand that no matter how long or dark the tunnel may be, there is always light at the other end. It’s why I included some real-life journal entries so that everyone who engages with my work gets a real sense of what I went through. Only then do I feel that they can truly take inspiration from what I have conquered.”

To get a copy of The Crazy Quilt: A Primer and Memoir about Mental Illness and Elizabeth’s other work; These Three and Me: The Story of an Exceptional Family and Quiet Joys: A Reflective Celebration of Being Well, visit [email protected] or Amazon.com today.

Elizabeth Casper-Rolfs can be contacted for interviews and speaking appearances on the details below.

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