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It is widely expected that Ludashi will enter the electric bicycle evaluation industry

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It is widely expected that Ludashi will enter the electric bicycle evaluation industry

March 29
23:40 2021

On March 24, Ludashi held its first press conference of 2021, ushering in the most powerful metamorphosis in more than a decade. Not only from the new upgraded LOGO to the new algorithm engine PC version but also the new Ludashi PRO and the first electric bicycle evaluation system, the official announcement to enter the electric bicycle evaluation industry.

In fact, from the new LOGO of Ludashi, we can see that the previous image of “little old man” has changed into a simpler, younger, and more energetic one. It also symbolized a new look for Ludashi. It is well known that Ludashi’s mission is to evaluate, but with the principle that everything can be evaluated, the stylish little older man has entered a new era. Transform 13 years of accumulated technology and experience into a broader approach and rigorous attitude to serve users. The evaluation object is no longer limited to PC and cellphone, not limited to 3C digital products, but to evaluating electric bicycles!

It is reported that Ludashi and Sichuan University set up the smart hardware evaluation laboratory has been officially opened on March 4. Ludashi Smart Hardware Evaluation Laboratory is jointly built by Ludashi and the computer school of Sichuan University. It is a professional and authoritative evaluation content for all smart hardware products. The laboratory undertakes more than 30 kinds of testing and detection in different directions for various smart hardware, with strong technical strength.

The initial goal of Ludashi Laboratory is to establish a data lab with data collection of hardware products as its main content, which is applied testing and external data collection and analysis of hardware products. Help users better understand the hardware and incubate more interesting and valuable test projects. Now the lab has many computer and cellphone test items, such as aging test, fluency test, dynamic and effect test, and is actively preparing for more test content. This time announced to enter the electric bicycle evaluation industry, formally relying on Ludashi laboratory. It truly realized that everything can be evaluated; everything can be data.

It is understood that Ludashi’s electric bicycle evaluation is divided into two modules, basic test, and intelligent test. The basic test is to test the basic performance of electric bicycles. It is the standard endurance test, performance test, control design, safety test, durability test, and other test items, and each project contains many test contents.

Intelligent testing means that in addition to basic testing, Ludashi also has the exclusive intelligent testing initiative. There is a convergence of mechanical tests, anyway, from home to company; generally speaking, there are two processes. But the gap between the intelligent bicycle and the non-intelligent bicycle is huge. In popular terms, intelligent is to judge a bicycle as “smart enough.”

In the first issue of Ludashi’s intelligent list of electric bicycles, six models were selected for evaluation: No. 9 B series 90, Niu MQIS, Sunra MIKU Super, Yadea DE3, Tailg N8, and Aima M300. These six models have both traditional brands and emerging brands, and their prices also cover a wide range of 2,000 to 15,000 yuan. In the first ranking, the No. 9 B-Series 90 is the most intelligent electric bicycle, with the overall score leading by a long way. Because it was started exclusively and the test process is complex, with a long cycle test, the current Ludashi intelligent electric bicycle list data is not enough; the next will constantly add new models evaluation, establish an intelligent list for such as cellphone, PC ladder as perfect score list database, relevant details to login Ludashi’s official website to view.

According to market analysts, by 2030, the number of electric bicycles in China will reach 100 million, which means that in the next 10 years, the new energy vehicle market will show a straight line of rapid growth.

As a common single product in daily life, the safety, quality, and use experience of electric bicycles directly affect the appearance and perception of use.

Through Ludashi’s electric bicycle evaluation rating system and ranking list, we can more quickly understand the intelligence and use electric bicycles’ experience so that electric bicycles also have a standard for measurement and evaluation.

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