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2021 VIIcode meet the most dazzling CIIE

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2021 VIIcode meet the most dazzling CIIE

October 29
15:05 2021

After several months of careful planning,the Fourth China International Import Expo(CIIE) 2021 is set to kick off in an amazing style that will let the entire audience in awe!

Every year during the CIIE, there are many new products launches, dream pavilions, innovative technology, exotic space, and creative ideas which make the audience “WOW~”. What are the highlights of this year’s Expo? Let’s have a sneak preview of the charming moment of 2021 CIIE with this editorial.

Unique charm of 2021 CII

On the morning of 5th November, the highlights of the global trade community will be presented in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. From the sky, a soft spreading 4-leaf clover can be seen, which makes it unique.

The creative space is colorful, and the various countries’ pavilions have distinctive characteristics

Participating countries of 2021 CIIE comes from the five big continents, and the creative space is colorful. There are many countries pavilion fully utilizes high-tech means and diversified display forms to highlight their unique regional culture and characteristic industries.

Beauty section

VIIcode group

VIIgarden’s dream castle,the dream for a luxurious journey

VIIcode, a customized eye skincare brand in New York with more than 200 years of skincare history, has participated in the Expo for two times. This year, VIIgarden, the exhibition zone created by VIIcode group, is brilliant, beautiful, and luxurious, allowing audience to enter an elegant atmosphere of skincare and art.

According to the organizers, the overall visual aspect of the exhibition pavilion design is based on a classical medieval castle garden, which delivered the flavor of aristocratic life. This is derived from the high-end skincare club in New York of the 1960s. Through immersive sensory experience, It seems to go back in time to the medieval century and have a glimpse of the classical and luxurious high-end private skincare scene at that time.

At the exhibition pavilion, there will be professional experts from the Research and Development center providing detailed information and in-depth explanation, to help you uncover the mysterious veil of the“immortality myth” of oxygen skin as well as the exclusive secret collection of VIIcode – EOPE that has been in circulation for more than 200 years. The brand exhibition zone will also provide visitors with a different eye skincare experience. At the same time, visitor can get luxurious eye mask gifts and have a chance to try the “charm” of oxygen care of the 8-hour oxygen eye patch. Isn’t  it wonderful?

(Image source: VIIcode)

Estee Lauder

The beautiful “Crystal Palace” of perfection and beauty

During the second and third CIIE, Estee Lauder Group exhibition pavilion left a deep impression with the clear “Crystal Palace”. Crystallized cylindrical spaces of different radius are separated by transparent materials to retain the line-of-sight penetration, and the free-flowing moving lines are connected in series to form a unified style. Thousands of acrylic crystal columns create a clear “Crystal Palace” that interlaced with light and shadow, artistically presenting the feeling of beauty.

This year, the exhibition pavilion of Estee Lauder group adopts “shape flow” as the concept and draws inspiration from the light and shadow of each brand to welcome visitors with a new and beautiful image.

(Image source: 2020 CIIE)


A dream of beauty meeting a girl’s heart

Lancome has always cherished the vision of making women more beautiful and happier. The booth design of the CIIE is very dreamy. In previous CIIE, tens of thousands of Lancome roses were airlifted from Ecuador to China daily for replacement. The flowers with the best bloom are specially selected and presented to Chinese consumers. Last year’s design made audience immersed in Lancome’s luxurious and beautiful atmosphere. For this year, it came with full sincerity and the design of the booth area is more girly and worth looking forward to.

(Image source: 2020 CIIE)

Pursuing a better life, the innovative products are very popular

Under this year’s epidemic situation, the fourth CIIE arrived and was held as scheduled. Enterprises from various countries gather for the CIIE which fully shows that global enterprises are full of expectations towards the Chinese market. The number of exhibitors from the world’s top 500 and industry leading enterprises has reached the scale of previous Expo. Many enterprises will carry out the “first global launch and first exhibition in China”, and the exhibits and services demonstrate world-class level.

To highlight the advantages of the CIIE as the first global launch for new products, first choice for cutting-edge technologies and first place for innovative services, the fourth CIIE has specially set up a special zone with public release platform for new product launch. Many innovative products be worth looking forward to will make an amazing appearance then.

Make an appointment with the 2021CIIE. The vision of the future is in front of you to share and enjoy the wonderful images with you.

Information: China International Import Expo Bureau

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