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Isuzu 12m3 garbage compactor truck opens a new era of urban garbage disposal

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Isuzu 12m3 garbage compactor truck opens a new era of urban garbage disposal

November 09
19:05 2021
Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd launches its Isuzu 12m3 Compactor garbage truck that brings flexible solutions to increase the efficiency of waste disposal.

With the popularization of waste sorting policies throughout the country, the frequency and efficiency of urban waste transfer have put forward higher requirements.

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd realized society’s desperate need for solutions and produced an Isuzu 12m3 garbage compactor truck for the community. Their garbage compactor truck operates efficiently at large capacities.

The Automobile company is known for the largest variety of products, the most complete and first-class production qualification, equipment, and testing means in the industry.

Due to the rapid urbanization, they have recently come up with their exclusive Compactor garbage truck named 12m3. It is designed as a lightweight with a larger arc box body, which can load more than 200 buckets of 240L garbage. One transfer can cover more areas, greatly saving energy, time, and labor costs.

In addition, relying on the technical advantages of Chengli Automobile Group, the car uses Isuzu Sanitation Chassis with a strong power of 150kw to ensure that the horsepower remains under load.

The Isuzu garbage compactor truck realizes the separation of compressed garbage from dry and wet, and triple guarantees effectively prevent sewage from dripping and leaking. The guarantees are as follows 1. The sealing strip adopts a three-way corrugated structure, which effectively guarantees the seal between the filler and the box. 2: The 820L large-capacity sewage tank can hold more sewage, and it can also be equipped with one-button sewage drainage. Lastly, the unique anti-throwing structure can effectively prevent sewage from the sewage tank from splashing out when the vehicle is turning and braking suddenly.

MoreoverThe hydraulic and electrical systems of the Isuzu 12m3 garbage compactor truck adopt well-known brand components, and the box body adopts non-framework arc design technology, which is extremely strong. The feeding structure has undergone 240,000 feeding reliability verifications, ensuring no failure in 6-7 years. The vehicle has also undergone multiple verifications such as vehicle road simulation, power system, and vehicle drum tests to ensure durability and reliability.

The cab is equipped with an operating box in a rocker switch, which is ergonomic and easy to operate. The rear operating box uses high-quality buttons and a new structural design, which has good waterproof performance. In addition, the driving vision in the car is excellent, and the operation is simple, which effectively improves the driver’s driving experience.

The truck adopts a double linkage structure + double pump confluence multi-way valve hydraulic system, equipped with single cycle, multiple cycles, etc; when there are many garbage bins, it can realize simultaneous loading and compression, which greatly improves operational efficiency.

The services possess an all-around configuration with features like integrated collection, compression, and easy transference. In addition to garbage trucks, it also provides water trucksfuel tankersdump trucks, vacuum sewage, tow, crane, refrigerated, and fire trucks.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/Xowdu5GXuEs

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