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Rosa L. Antonini Introduces A Unique Style to Play Zero-Sum Game In Her New Book

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Rosa L. Antonini Introduces A Unique Style to Play Zero-Sum Game In Her New Book

January 06
23:15 2022
A zero-sum game is a situation where one player’s winnings are equal to another player’s losses. The author shows a different style of a zero-sum game of you, where you can win without depriving someone else of something else.

Rosa depicts in her book, “Don’t let yourself be used as a pawn in someone else’s game without your consent. This is your life; this is the game you are playing.”

Having said that, unlike the zero-sum game where there is no gray area, Rosa highlights the gray area in her new book. The author suggests that there are two states – feeling blessed and prosperous or feeling exhausted and unfortunate – which are easy to identify. Then there comes a third mindset, which is like the “gray area.” A large group of people lives in this state of mind as they lack a personal purpose in life. Such individuals go with the flow of life, not knowing where they stand mentally and emotionally or they feel satisfied or not. Not knowing themselves contributes to their loss of identity and character. If one doesn’t have an inner purpose, they can keep wasting their years after something that doesn’t align with who they actually are.

The Zero-Sum Game of You (0ΣU) comprises nine guidelines that will help the readers know and understand themselves in a better way. Once a person knows themselves, they can truly work on being a better version of themselves. The book allows exploring the reader’s strengths and weaknesses by utilizing self-awareness and motivation procedures while freeing one of limiting perceptions.

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