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Shiba Heist Meme Token Delivers Flexible Holder Rewards

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Shiba Heist Meme Token Delivers Flexible Holder Rewards

January 21
21:10 2022
Token holders can choose from over 8 token rewards, creating steady passive income

Shiba Heist has developed a decentralized meme token, in resistance against the current pool of inflexible dividend tokens. The team behind this meme token is composed of savvy heist experts who are led by Elon Musk. These experts are determined to deliver attractive dividends to both employees and token holders.

While there is a wide variety of reward tokens and meme tokens in the crypto space, they don’t allow much flexibility. In fact, most dividend tokens offer one token as a reward. Despite the fact that there are some double dividend tokens, the holders don’t have the freedom to decide what they receive. Shiba Heist is changing this by offering a dashboard of 8+ tokens that token holders can choose from as their reward.

“Our token rewards holders 8% from transactions. Each holder can then interact with our dashboard to choose their own reward. Rewards are interchangeable, allowing users to maximize their rewards and create a stream of passive income. This allows you to manage your portfolio in a way that other tokens don’t.”

$HEIST token holders gain an 8% reward for each transaction they make on the platform. These token holders can watch the crypto space and study the charts before deciding on their reward. True to their commitment to flexibility, Shiba Heist allows holders to change rewards as often as they like – even hourly. Since the rewards are interchangeable, token holders can maximize their rewards and enjoy the benefits of passive income

Once token holders have received their 8% reward, 4% of each transaction is distributed to the Shiba Heist marketing wallet. 3% is then allocated to providing liquidity and buying back the supply for quarterly burns. Additionally, 1.05% goes into the lottery wallet which is also programmed to receive dividends just like the token holders. The top 20% token holders are entered into a randomizer where the winner receives dividends from this lottery wallet.

By holding $HEIST tokens, anyone can earn their preferred rewards, stake and do much more. Additionally, Shiba Heist is developing a suite of play-as-you-earn games, anti-whale systems, moonshot buybacks and other DeFi tools. Shiba Heist is leading the resistance against dividend tokens with inflexible rewards, and the team ultimately hopes to transform the Binance Smart Chain.

About Shiba Heist

Shiba Heist has developed a decentralized meme token designed to offer holders flexible rewards. By creating a stream of passive income for token holders, Shiba Heist also functions as a flexible dividend token. The team at Shiba Heist aims to create an inviting space where token holders can earn rewards and manage their portfolios freely.

Media Contact
Company Name: Shiba Heist
Contact Person: Jeff Moon
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State: Missouri
Country: United States
Website: https://www.shibaheist.com/

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