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LAMEAR is Introducing the First-Ever Clothing Brand to offer Customers Purchase Rewards

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LAMEAR is Introducing the First-Ever Clothing Brand to offer Customers Purchase Rewards

April 07
02:35 2022
LAMEAR is a New York-based clothing brand that aims to provide its customers a platform to buy apparel and avail the chance of purchase rewards with the company’s utility mearcoin.

LAMEAR, established in New York City, is a one-of-a-kind high-end streetwear brand. The brand was formed to provide limited-edition clothes based on its crowned “Meerkat” insignia.

The company will be the first clothing brand to provide its customers with the utility mearcoin cryptocurrency as a purchasing reward. In the case that the mearcoin incentives are available, LAMEAR will present its consumers with a variety of opportunities.

Customers will be able to hold the mearcoin cryptocurrency as an investment in the company, allowing the coin to rise in value. Second, buyers will be able to sell their mearcoin and receive a cash refund. Customers may apply MearCoin to future orders to recieve discounts.

LAMEAR is pleased to announce that MearXverse will launch the Ethereum network on April 24th, 2022. NFT collections will now be available on the Open Sea marketplace, according to the business. In addition, 5000 Meerat Inspired NFTs will be unveiled on LAMEAR clothing shortly. The Presale will start at 0.05 ETH, and the public sale will start at 0.1 ETH.

The brand’s utility mearcoin cryptocurrency will reward NFT Holders in the company. LAMEAR will airdrop an NFT for the up Upcomming MearXverse V2 collection to each Holder who Holds a MearXverse V1 NFT before the public sale. NFT Holders who own Multiple V1 NFTs Will Be Airdropped The Equivilent Quantity V2 NFTs. Customers who own several V2 collection NFTs will be eligible to Recieve Multiplied MearCoin Rewards. Which means that if they own three NFTs, The rewards recieved will Be Three times more. MearCoin rewards based on rarity.

LAMEAR will also offer NFT holders a discount opportunity on LAMEAR clothing. This discount availability will also be based on the rarity. Customers willing to hold NFTs in the company must hold their V2 collection NFT for an entire week (7 days) to be eligible enough to receive Mearcoin rewards. The more a holder holds its NFTs in the company, the rewards will increase. 

The brand will soon Release LAMEAR Clothing App/wallet and a limited NFT garment drop to offer substantial discounts to NFT holders. LAMEAR is a New York-based high-end steering clothing brand. 

For more information, buyers can visit the website here. Also, customers can follow LAMEAR on its official TwitterInstagram, or Discord account. 

NFT Mint Website: https://mint.lamearbrand.com/

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