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Top 10 Products that Can Be Exported from India to Different Countries

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Top 10 Products that Can Be Exported from India to Different Countries

May 04
19:00 2022

Exports play an important role in the growth of a country’s economy. Indian exports have expanded over the years that have improved financial growth to a large extent. Exports from India include necessary goods to different countries, such as pharmaceuticals, jewelry, vehicles, petroleum, etc., that are exported in a large quantity from India.

Export of Goods from India at a Glance

With the biggest exports in the initial 7 months of 2021-22, India was well on the plan to fulfill its $400 billion targets in sales exports for the year. A severe Covid-19 second wave was an intense blow to the manufacturing business, supply chain business, and the complete economy at the start of the financial year. Nevertheless, wholesome global demand kept Indian exports on the rise.

India’s exported goods were valued at over $197 billion in April-September 2021, with recurrent exports going above the $30-billion. In July 2021, the number kept at $35.43 billion, the top-notch monthly position. It was a 49.85% growth from July 2020 and 35.05% from July 2019. Primary data for October 2021 is one more remarkable show, with commodities exports at $35.47 billion, up by 42.33% year on year. This is direct with India’s resourceful target of increasing three times yearly goods exports to 1 trillion dollars by 2025 from the existing level of 300 billion dollars. 

What Are Different Profitable Products to Export from India?

If you plan to set up your own export business, this post will help you find the lucrative products to export from India and make a massive income in foreign currency. Go through the list below to find out the best exported Indian products:

Expensive Gems, Stones, and Jewelry

Since age-old times, the Indian land has been recognized for its valuable stones, gems, and jewelry. A wide range of markets makes the nation the topmost end-user of these gems, stones, and jewelry, such as gold and various jewelry products. This has brought the world to pursue this trend making India the top market for exporting regional handmade jewelry and precious stones that give huge returns.

Petroleum Artifacts

Petroleum or crude oil products are positioned among the top products for exports. Even though exporting these products requires vast investment and hard work, they have extensive demand in small growing countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, and Bhutan. India’s top export products are semi-products made of petroleum, such as wax, charcoal, coke, coal, and various others, with growing demand and good marginal returns.

Grains or Cereals

Cereals or grains are among the finest products you can export from Indiato countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates. These countries buy rice in a large amount. The government gives much competitive prices for the most exported goods in India to importing countries for growing rice exports from India.

Medicinal Products

The rank of Indian pharmaceutical products is 10th among the expense of international products. India is a prominent exporter of western nations along with the United States.

Homeopathy Sedatives

Homeopathy sedatives come among the most valuable products to sell out of India because it has zero side effects, contrary to allopathic antidots. In 2014, the nation proclaimed an increase in its homeopathic medicines exported to foreign countries. Want to start an export business? Why not run your own business by selling homeopathic medicines that give health and huge returns.

Milk Products

India generates enormous profit by exporting milk products. Cow’s milk with Bos indicus breed is in rising demand in the US and various other countries. Dairy or milk products made from cow’s Bos indicus breed are sold 4 times the rate given for products of other cows. Cheese, ghee, and curd are among the most exported Indian products that offer massive returns.

Meat Products

Meat possesses a significant demand in foreign countries. Furthermore, several of these goods do not need extensive investment but bring immense returns via meat export. India is the biggest exporter of buffalo meat, increasing demand in various countries. In addition, pork is one more product exported in hefty quantities. Nations that are not unveiled to the sea have a considerable market for seafood that enumerates to the list of India’s main export products.

Traditional Artwork

Indian artwork and traditional merchandise are tending around the globe. These products are offered at affordable rates when changed into Indian rupees. This makes exporting traditional artwork an ideal product for export. Furthermore, it involves the most considerable demand in foreign nations. Markets, for example, Europe and western locations make the best place where they are sold online and in the fair. This niche needs very little investment but only a good network with regional artificers, making it an extensive margin for profits sold at increased rates in different countries.

Leather and Leather Items

Leather has always been in growing demand among goods exported from India. These are exported at increased rates all over the world. Products made from leather-like shoes, purses, coats, and others fetch the best prices in foreign countries. The central primary market for leather products is the Unites States, United Kingdom, and Germany, reckoning for 36% of overall exports. Partially treated leather and various leather products offer extensive profits.

Textile Goods

Textile products of India produce the highest employment and cumbersome profits via its export to places like the United Kingdom, United States, UAE, etc. India is the leading exporter of textile products composed of jute, popular at the global level. This makes the textile business the most successful since it includes materials consisting of natural and synthetic fibers, garment accessories, crocheting, clothing, and more.

Final Words

Export business is made more accessible now with the Amazon Global Selling e-commerce platform. You can export from India to global customers directly through this platform. First, you have to register with Amazon Global Selling, then list your products; then, shipping and delivery are done, and finally, get payments in your bank accounts.

So, all the above-discussed products make the best export products from India and ideas if you want to start your export business. These products increase margins because several of these products are made locally and exported throughout the world, where there is immeasurable demand and tremendous returns.

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