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WIS, an upstart skincare brand, recently announced its official entrance into the TikTok market

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WIS, an upstart skincare brand, recently announced its official entrance into the TikTok market

November 17
15:05 2022

WIS, a Chinese skincare brand established in 2012, recently announced its official entrance into the TikTok market and has been fond by a large number of well-known influencers. Along with the rising brand exposure on TikTok, they will also launch more TikTok activity plans in the future.

WIS specializes in effective skincare, introducing advanced technology and raw materials from the Swiss RAHN Group, and pursuing the ultimate in science and safety to meet the needs of consumers with high demands for quality of life. The brand name WIS, is derived from an ancient word in European “Wissenschaft”, which means “science”.

As an effective skin care brand, WIS is committed to making skin care more scientific and effective, bringing a better skin care experience.

Brand concept:

WIS takes the concept of “researching the efficacy of skin care”, and treats every detail of product development with the pursuit of the ultimate attitude, using science to ensure the effectiveness of products.

They pay attention to different types of skin needs, targeting to solve a variety of skin problems, do the best even the most basic hydration effect. Meanwhile, they take scientific and effective, ultimate skin feeling, mild and hypoallergenic as their product concept, which is to bring better and more effective skin care experience to users.

Scientific and Effective: We use ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be effective and have been repeatedly tested to show significant improvement.

Ultimate Skin Feeling: The experience of user is also one of the criteria for research and development, so that the product not only has significant efficacy, but also gives the user the ultimate experience during use.

We insist on the skin experience as the standard of research.We make it be effective and let people enjoy the process.

Mild and hypoallergenic: The formula adheres to the standard for sensitive skin, so even for very fragile skin, there will be no irritation.

Over the years, WIS brand has always taken “making scientific and effective skin care products available to young people around the world” as its brand mission, with a rigorous scientific research attitude, professional preparation process, to bring more gentle and efficient skin care products to users.

In terms of research and development materials, WIS has entered into strategic cooperation with a number of world-renowned century-old cosmetic efficacy ingredients companies:

In 2016, WIS reached a strategic partnership with Swiss RAHN Group to introduce advanced technology and raw materials.

In 2019, WIS successfully signed a strategic partnership with Symrise in Germany.

In 2020, WIS and Royal DSM in Dutch successfully reached a strategic cooperation.

Cooperation with celebrity spokesperson:

June 2017 – May 2018, actress Li Yitong officially became the spokesperson of WIS brand, she used the explosive power of youth to let more people experience the WIS spirit of its continuous breakthrough.

July 2019-October 2019, Huang Minghao officially becomes the spokesperson of WIS mask, with the energy of youth, let more people understand the effectiveness and science behind WIS mask.

June 2019-April 2020, actor Chen He officially becomes the WIS brand spokesman, interpreted WIS with blockbuster to provide consumers with better choices.

In April 2020, international movie star Li Bingbing officially became the spokesperson of WIS mask, creating unlimited possibilities with WIS.

Since its birth, WIS has won many brand honors:

1. 2019 Tmall Beauty Awards list was issued, WIS won two major awards in the skincare category.

2. On the evening of March 4, 2019, the 5th Tmall Beauty Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai with the presence of famous celebrities and popular beauty bloggers. With its scientific and effective products,WIS won the “Tmall Beauty Awards Mask of the Year” and “Tmall Beauty Awards Men’s Care of the Year”.

3. In 2020, Tmall Beauty Awards was issued, and WIS won two awards: Best Mask of the Year and Outstanding Brand of Logistics Service in 2020.

4. In 2020, WIS was selected as one of the “Top 10 Popular Skincare Brands” in the 2020 Pinguan Cosmetic Top Awards, becoming the local brand to win the award again.

5. 2020, WIS was selected as G20 brand by Cosmetics Newspaper, and was successfully included in the 2020 China Cosmetics G20 list.

6. WIS won the “China Cosmetics Brand G20” award at the 11th China Cosmetics Summit。

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