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Global Debut | The Wealth-Attracting Cats: “DAVNEE & DAVYUU” – The Kings of Fortune and Prosperity

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Global Debut | The Wealth-Attracting Cats: “DAVNEE & DAVYUU” – The Kings of Fortune and Prosperity

January 10
20:10 2023

Every year brings today, and every year brings good fortune. On the occasion of the new year, a pair of wealth-attracting cats from China, DAVNEE and DAVYUU, make their global debut, bringing you the most abundant blessings: SURPLUS YEAR AFTER YEAR.


DAVNEE and DAVYUU are a pair of cats dressed in traditional Chinese official attire. DAVNEE is a male kitten holding a small ingot in his right hand, symbolizing wealth-attraction, while DAVYUU is a female kitten holding a small goldfish in her left hand, symbolizing customer acquisition. Both are symbols of good fortune and abundance. On their foreheads is the character “王,” meaning “king of wealth-attraction.” 

The “DAVNEE&DAVYUU” Classic [Mahjong] Figures: Mahjong, in a sense, is a microcosm of traditional Chinese culture. It is a popular program for family and friends to gather during the holidays, and is also a popular social and recreational activity in many countries. The “DAVNEE&DAVYUU” Classic [Mahjong] figures have DAVNEE dressed in a green official outfit, symbolizing vitality and successful career advancement, while DAVYUU is dressed in a red official outfit, symbolizing prosperity and auspiciousness. 

(Manuscript by artist Yuan Zeming)

Created by Chinese artist David Yuan, DAVNEE and DAVYUU are the original IP characters of David Yuan Studio. The name “SURPLUS YEAR AFTER YEAR” brings you the most sincere wishes: you deserve to have all the good things, but before that, you can have us first – the “king of wealth-attraction,” DAVNEE and DAVYUU: SURPLUS YEAR AFTER YEAR!

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