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Happy 19th Birthday to Song Yaxuan: A Star on the Rise Shines Light on the World

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Happy 19th Birthday to Song Yaxuan: A Star on the Rise Shines Light on the World

March 02
02:25 2023

On March 4, 2023, Song Yaxuan, the young Chinese idol, will celebrate his birthday as he turns 19 years old. This rising star has already amassed a significant following in the entertainment industry, and fans from all over the world have eagerly sent their well-wishes and organized various celebratory events in his honor.

Music Life and Rise to Fame

Born in 2004, Song Yaxuan is a representative figure of the current generation of post-2000s with immense popularity. He is a Chinese mainland male singer, actor, idol, and member of the popular boy group TNT. He began his music career in 2015 and made his debut in 2018, and in 2022, he enrolled in The Central Academy of Drama, one of the top performing arts colleges in China.

Despite his young age, Song Yaxuan has achieved numerous accolades in the music industry. At just 11 years old, he won the highest award, the “Star Award,” at the 2015 “STAR·China” TV Awards for Youth Talent Competition after studying voice for less than a year, and he donated the entire prize money of 100,000 RMB to charity. In 2016, at the age of 12, his performance video of the song “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” on a nationally renowned music program surpassed one billion views.

After years of dance and vocal training as a trainee in Chongqing, Song finally realized his dream of making his debut as a high-popularity member of TNT. Since then, he has released several albums with the group and topped the Chinese music charts. His latest album, “Utopia I: Vermilion Bird,” sold over one hundred million copies within three minutes of its online release, and his concerts are always in high demand. As the main vocal of the group, Song Yaxuan’s distinctive, charming, versatile voice adds a unique charm to their music. He also taught himself to play the guitar and loves acapella, experimenting with composing and arranging his own music. He is a popular performer at major Chinese events, showcasing his broad vocal range and clear, bright voice in various genres, including rock, ballads, and ethereal music.

Song Yaxuan’s talent and popularity continue to soar in the entertainment industry worldwide, cementing his status as one of China’s top young stars.

Rising Star in the Entertainment Industry

Song Yaxuan is not your typical celebrity. The rising star of China’s entertainment industry is gentle, introverted, and takes a slow and steady approach to achieving his dreams. Like a snail, he extends his feelers toward the world of his dreams, curiously exploring various fields.

Since 2021, Song Yaxuan has made waves as a host on the wildly popular Chinese variety show “Ace vs Ace.” But that’s not all. He’s also been a mainstay guest on adventure, interview, and travel reality shows. Not to mention, he’s already become one of China’s new generation of actors, with appearances in several popular online dramas and a role in the large-scale stage play “Towards the East by Water.”

But Song Yaxuan’s talents extend beyond the screen. He’s also making a name for himself in the fashion industry, collaborating with major luxury brands like LV and gracing the pages of top Chinese fashion magazines. With a unique temperament that straddles the line between adolescence and adulthood, he’s attracting fans worldwide with his strong consumer appeal and signature style.

What sets Song Yaxuan apart, however, is his unwavering focus on growth. As a new generation of top-tier stars, he’s constantly enhancing his strengths in various fields, such as music, reality shows, and film and television. And yet, he remains grounded, sharing his romantic and genuine aspects of life on various social media platforms, where millions of fans follow his every move.

Global Fans Celebrate with Wishes and Creative Events

As Song Yaxuan’s 19th birthday on March 4th approached, fans all over the world celebrated it in various creative ways. They displayed their birthday wishes on billboards and LED screens in major cities, generating trending topics on social media platforms such as Weibo, Instagram, and YouTube. The ads and screens were strategically placed in high-traffic areas, including bustling commercial districts, subway stations, and main streets, bringing joy and blessings to more passersby. These advertisements showcased the fans’ passion and creativity, raising awareness of Song Yaxuan’s birthday.

In addition to the online celebrations, some fans organized offline events in major cities, such as singing birthday songs, cutting cakes, and holding raffles. These celebrations not only highlighted Song Yaxuan’s popularity in the entertainment industry but also showcased the fans’ talents and love for their idol.

As a romantic young man, Song often shares his love and thoughts on life with the outside world. He has a kind and warm heart and always leads his fans to have a sense of public welfare. Last year, his fan account @Euphoria0923x0304 (Weibo) put up supportive ads in cities worldwide, including those near the poles, and actively participated in various charitable fundraising activities in his name. These actions create a highly charismatic fan culture phenomenon, which represents unique positive communication between the star and his fans.

Looking Ahead

As a kind, enthusiastic, and sincere young man, Song Yaxuan embodies all the qualities that make him an inspiration to his fans around the world. He has already achieved great success in the entertainment industry at such a young age, and his future looks bright. We hope to see him continue on his path to becoming a global superstar, leaving his mark in the fields of music, film, and fashion, and showcasing his youthful energy and spirit. As Song Yaxuan turns 19, we bid farewell to the 18-year-old and welcome the new and improved version of himself. Here’s to a happy and healthy 19th year and to him becoming a true superstar.

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