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Virtual Support for Jeff Beck Questions Where’s Johnny Depp

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Virtual Support for Jeff Beck Questions Where’s Johnny Depp

May 08
15:00 2023

Los Angeles, CA, USA – May 8, 2023 – A recent YouTube video titled “Tears In Heaven” featuring Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck has garnered over 100,000 views worldwide, creating a viral sensation that is still growing.

The response is so miraculous, for it creates healing on all different levels, from all over the world. Everything is energy and when people come together, it creates a high vibrational frequency of healing energy of mass proportions.


Julie Randazzo has been working, professionally, full time, as a spiritual advisor for the past ten years and is well-known for her work at Enchanted of Salem, MA.

As a young girl she learned the art of Cardtomancy from her maternal grandmother. On her fathers side she still practices traditional Sicilian, rituals, dating back to the old country.

Julie believes that there is a scientific explanation behind all things unknown and learned energy manipulation from the famed witch Laurie Cabot. Meaning if you take away the trappings or traditions of the craft and are able to manipulate energy, you are gifted.

Despite the ongoing public support shown for the video, there has been no public statement from “Team JD,” and Randazzo wonders why they haven’t acknowledged.

The public support displayed in the video comments alone, is enough to bring a tear to the eye.

Yet, there has been no public statement from “Team JD,” and Randazzo wonders why they haven’t acknowledged the ongoing support and healing from the video.

She hopes that the video will reach Johnny Depp. Julie hopes he will discover how so many people coming together from all over, can create high vibrational energy. This high vibrational energy, created by people coming together, generates an awesome healing effect.

Randazzo predicts that this could be a turning point for Johnny Depp, leading to a transformation. You can see expect to see a more calm and grounded individual. She believes that the power of love and unity can cleanse the soul and provide healing to those who are bereaved.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a Tribute Concert in memory of Jeff Beck on Monday, May 22nd and Tuesday, May 23rd at The Royal Albert Hall in London, UK.

To join Johnny’s healing movement, please click here: https://youtu.be/46ywaqwuN1k

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