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Bugzee Lix and Snoop Dogg support Writers Strike with Digital Streaming Services like Apple: New Controversial Collaboration with Death Row Records CEO.

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Bugzee Lix and Snoop Dogg support Writers Strike with Digital Streaming Services like Apple: New Controversial Collaboration with Death Row Records CEO.

May 16
21:32 2023
Hip-Hop Legend Snoop Dogg Joins Bugzee on new single “Mota (Don’t Shoot),” addressing infidelity, toxic relationships and cannabis influence.

Manhattan, NYC – Bugzee Lix, the rising star in the world of hip-hop, teams up with the iconic Snoop Dogg on their highly anticipated single titled “Mota.” Subtitled “Don’t Shoot,” this powerful collaboration delves into the complex theme of infidelity in urban relationships, exploring the influence of weed in these situations. In addition to delivering a captivating track, Bugzee seizes the opportunity to shed light on the pressing issue of streaming royalty payment fairness within the music industry. He only mentions crypto as in cryptocurrency on the track, but if one reflects back to his last press release for his metaverse Rapstars album back in 2021, one can see a strong correlation between that press release and Snoop Dogg’s recent video that went viral of him discussing fair royalty payment for artists. With both artists having such a passion for fair royalty payments, this track was inevitable. The new single, produced by the talented D. Lynch, “Mota” exemplifies Bugzee’s artistic vision and commitment to shedding light on toxic relationships in the inner city, influenced by cannabis, and highlights both artists’ stance on fair compensation from all streaming services.

Download “MOTA” song here: https://bugzeelix.bandcamp.com/track/mota-dont-shoot-featuring-snoop-dogg

“Mota” is an audacious exploration of the often-taboo topic of infidelity, delving into the complexities of relationships while under the influence of cannabis. Bugzee fearlessly confronts the subject matter, offering a fresh perspective that challenges societal norms. Through his evocative lyrics and captivating storytelling, Bugzee invites listeners to examine the multidimensionality of human experiences and question preconceived notions surrounding relationships and the influence of substances.

As Bugzee Lix and Snoop Dogg, the Death Row Records CEO, unite their legendary talents on “Mota, (Don’t Shoot)” they use their media platforms to advocate for streaming royalty fairness—an issue of paramount importance in the music industry. In an era where artists heavily rely on streaming platforms for distribution, the fair compensation of their creative work has become increasingly vital. Bugzee and Snoop Dogg recognize this challenge and emphasize the necessity of transparency, equity, and just distribution of royalties. It is the duty of streaming platforms to stop robbing artists for profit, and pay artists instantly for using their musical works as a business model. Bugzee feels artist should be paid no less than 12 cents per stream, under any circumstance. And even more in countries where the royalty rate substantiates like Brazil, South Asia, and Africa. By spotlighting the issue through press releases and viral videos (and recent Congressional hearings) we all can amplify the voices of countless artists striving for a fair share of the revenue generated by their music.

Purchase “MOTA” song here: https://bugzeelix.bandcamp.com/track/mota-dont-shoot-featuring-snoop-dogg

Produced by the renowned D. Lynch, “Mota (Don’t Shoot)” features a meticulously crafted soundscape that perfectly complements Bugzee and Snoop Dogg’s dynamic collaboration. D. Lynch’s expertise in creating immersive and captivating beats adds an additional layer of depth and intensity to the track. The collaboration between Bugzee, Snoop Dogg, and D. Lynch represents a merging of talents and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional music that pushes boundaries and captivates audiences.

Furthermore, the single artwork for “Mota” is derived from an innovative NFT series called “Rich Dad Poor Kid” by Bugzee Lix, available for purchase on Opens.io. The artwork serves as an intriguing visual representation of the themes explored within the song, further enhancing the overall experience for listeners.

The highly anticipated single, “Mota,” is currently in rotation on SHADE 45, Sirius XM and is scheduled for release on May 26, 2023, and will be available for streaming on all major platforms, including Xbox, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Bugzee and Snoop Dogg encourage fans and listeners to engage with the track, immerse themselves in its powerful message, and actively participate in discussions surrounding toxic relationships, and the ever-elusive conversation about streaming royalty payment fairness and the future of the music industry. Where is the money?!!!!

Bugzee’s “Mota” not only showcases the remarkable talent of Bugzee and Snoop Dogg but also serves as a catalyst for change. By fearlessly addressing the sensitive topics of infidelity and cannabis influence. Both artists, while advocating for streaming royalty fairness, demonstrate their commitment to pushing boundaries, provoking thought, and driving meaningful conversations within the hip-hop community. (DJs can download the “Mota (Don’t Shoot) single on digitaldjpool.com. Music Supervisors can request use of the song via email.)

Purchase and stream “MOTA” song here: https://bugzeelix.bandcamp.com/track/mota-dont-shoot-featuring-snoop-dogg

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About Bugzee

Bugzee has released his debut film “SPACE NEEDLE: The Animated life of Bugzee Lix” to rent or buy on Prime Video. Bugzee is a rising star in the world of hip-hop known for his fearless style and thought-provoking music. With his captivating lyrics and engaging storytelling, Bugzee has garnered attention for addressing societal issues through his unique artistic vision, alongside his collaboration with Snoop Dogg on Mota (Don’t Shoot)”

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