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Ichcha blends a tale of craftsmanship, women’s empowerment, and sustainable living

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Ichcha blends a tale of craftsmanship, women’s empowerment, and sustainable living

September 29
02:15 2023
Ichcha is a pioneer in the world of handmade textiles that is on a mission to preserve and promote the rich tradition of Indian craftsmanship. Specializing in block-printed tablecloths, curtains, napkins, and an array of other exquisite products, Ichcha stands as a beacon of high-quality craftsmanship and women’s empowerment in the heart of India.

USA – Ichcha’s story is one rooted in a deep desire to protect the timeless art of handcrafted textiles. Ichcha believes in upholding the beauty and value of handmade crafts. The brand is passionate about not only preserving traditional Indian crafts but also empowering the women artisans who bring these crafts to life.

It all began with a wish to safeguard and celebrate the exquisite world of handmade textiles, which was slowly fading amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life,” said Rachna, one of the three founding sisters. “Our passion drove us to embark on a craft tour of India, where we met artisans and their families and witnessed their dedication to preserving their ancestral traditions. Thus, Ichcha was born, a wish to live consciously, respecting both the environment and the products we create and seek.

Ichcha’s diverse product line includes handwoven scarves, block-printed tablecloths, artistic curtains, unique rugs, thoughtful gift items, and much more. Block printing, an age-old technique, is at the heart of Ichcha’s creations. Ichcha is on a mission to bring the spirit of these craft-filled lanes of India closer to modern homes.

Ichcha’s journey begins with organic farmers who supply the cotton spun into thread by the communities with whom the brand collaborates. This hand-spun and hand-woven cotton, known as “Khadi,” has a rich history dating back to Mahatma Gandhi’s self-reliance movement. By using Khadi, Ichcha not only pays homage to this historic initiative but also supports sustainable farming practices.

As a commitment to sustainability, Ichcha dyes the fabrics using natural minerals and flowers. The fabrics are carefully folded into dye vats and sun-dried, harnessing the sweltering Indian summers to expedite the process. Subsequently, they are washed in open tubs to remove any excess color, ensuring the use of eco-friendly methods.

Women’s empowerment lies at the core of Ichcha’s mission. The brand partners with NGOs that work with tribal women skilled in embroidery. These remarkable women often embroider without the aid of chalk markers, demonstrating their exceptional talents. Ichcha also collaborates with artisan communities that provide employment to women in their homes, allowing them to contribute to Ichcha’s creations alongside their daily responsibilities.

About Ichcha:

Ichcha is a pioneering brand committed to preserving and promoting India’s rich tradition of craftsmanship. Specializing in block-printed textiles, including tablecloths, curtains, napkins, scarves, and more, Ichcha celebrates the beauty of handmade products while empowering women artisans and championing sustainability.

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