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A Creative Way of Mining: ACMC Going to Hit Global Market

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A Creative Way of Mining: ACMC Going to Hit Global Market

August 14
23:55 2019

Since 2017, with the accelerating price of cryptocurrency, a large number of people have crowded into this industry, which results in the rapid growth of bitcoin mining market. In theory, cloud mining can make users and the platform win-win. Cloud miners will gradually become mainstream in the market as a flexible and effective solution to bitcoin mining.  

ACMC(Astral Cloud Miner Chain) sets up distributed cloud mining pools based on the technology of blockchain. ACMC is the first point-to-point network technology on the basis of blockchain and smart contract, aiming to build a future-oriented digital eco-platform with no centers. The participants can produce own digital asset via mining to realize bigger asset accretion. The platform can meet various needs, such as commercial promotion, cross-border transaction, live streaming and on-chain loans.  

ACMC wishes to provide a safe, fair and open platform for online users worldwide and devote powerful core matchmaking techniques, 100 percent passion and resources to achieve global strategy together with blockchain asset trading teams, great investors and consultant teams.

On the platform of ACMC, the common token is ACMC, which can be used to perform commercial promotion, cross-border trade, live streaming and on-chain loan; users can check tokens and transfer money by “wallet” function, manage their own accounts and make payments via a variety of applications in communities; ACMC can be applied in knowledge content platforms based on blockchain technologies to supply original content with authentic right and traceability; ACMC will get circulated worldwide. In the long term, the more ACMC platforms there are, the more users, customers, traders and investors will be drawn. The more users and trading categories there are, the more ACMC-holders there will be and the rarer ACMC will be. 

ACMC will recruit data partners globally to link them to application platforms, in the hope of helping users control their data and increase their dependence on cooperation platforms, and turn all kinds of user behaviors into real digital asset that users can really control. The asset is owned and controlled by users. This mode will overthrow the traditional mode of mobile internet. Users are no longer powerless data producers, but partners for internet platforms, together contributing to co-construction and win-win.

With the development of the industry, the normal mining is no longer for everyone to participate. Cloud mining is becoming a new, safe, reliable, transparent and win-win mode for mining. ACMC has become the optimal choice for users. Many capitals have invested it jointly. We believe digital currency will present a qualitative leap. ACMC will bring miners handsome profits and increasing wealth. 

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