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Serial Entrepreneurs Belinda Ndu and Obinna Ndu Land Network Special On The 700 Club Empowering Masses Through Financial Principles

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Serial Entrepreneurs Belinda Ndu and Obinna Ndu Land Network Special On The 700 Club Empowering Masses Through Financial Principles

September 18
21:00 2019

Atlanta, GA – September 18, 2019 Belinda and Obinna Ndu, millionaire serial entrepreneurs were featured in a four-minute special airing yesterday on the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN). The Ndu’s have dedicated their life’s work by encouraging families to achieve generational financial success while also empowering communities through love with the Covenant Marriage Academy (CMA). During the 700 Club segment, the story of the Ndu’s serial entrepreneurial success was unveiled and revealed that it began with the practice of tithing.

The special aired on Monday, September 16th in an effort to showcase the success story to those across the humble beginnings. The reoccurring message in the special empowered viewers to remain faithful to God and practice discipline in giving. The Ndu’s have successfully made multi-millions through their businesses, investments, and lifestyle brands. They are currently hosting workshops and speaking across the country providing practical tools to succeed in life. 

The special opened detailing the tougher years of Belinda’s life of single motherhood. CBN producers highlighted Belinda’s choice to test her faithfulness by tithing a portion of what was provided by the government. “I would pay my 10 percent to God, then the Lord would send someone to me that needed help”, said Belinda Ndu, co-founder of the Covenant Marriage Academy. She found success in obedience and eventually that faith led her to now-husband Obi Ndu. The couple shared their struggle to find a balance in tithing as Obi’s background taught him faithfulness in other ways. “I wanted inclusion in it, I wanted a part of it. She had this calm this presence, this power and I wanted in on it, said Obi Ndu, co-owner of the Covenant Marriage Academy. After a joint decision to continue tithing collectively, the Ndu’s saw a steady increase and made over seven figures within their first few years of marriage. As the Ndu’s income increased, so did their giving in the church and community.

With over 20 years of experience cultivating their empire, the Ndu’s have established a network of franchised businesses across the nation. The couple also filled a void in the tax and technology industries and created a trademarked B2B software for use by tax companies nationwide. The Ndu’s believe their obedience to faithfully tithe is the reason for their financial stability and wealth today. “Tithing is the only area that God says test me. We’ve made several million dollars and it’s been truly a blessing and I know it is because of God and because I tested him”, said Belinda Ndu, co-owner of the Covenant Marriage Academy.

Through CMA, Obi and Belinda continue to emphatically provide tools that support couples in maintaining long-lasting healthy relationships, a mission fueled by their belief that 100% of marriages have a chance of success.

For more information, visit www.obiandbelindandu.com and follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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