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BIGG WORLD – The Irrepressibly BIGG Change Coming to the World

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BIGG WORLD – The Irrepressibly BIGG Change Coming to the World

November 20
13:50 2019

“At its core, the purpose of BIGG WORLD is to provide consumers with honest and objective reviews, so that they may make the correct purchasing decision,” said Mr Nicholas Tan, founder and vice-chairman of BIGG WORLD in an interview.

As the development of the internet and informational technology propagates, consumers have increasingly turned to online shopping. Consumers’ purchasing decisions are often informed by the popularity of a product, and the reviews that it receives from previous purchasers. With the rise of competition within the e-commerce industry, online marketplaces have begun to employ malicious tactics to stay competitive. This includes the use of fake reviews and employing people to impersonate as customers. This not only causes misdirection and confusion for the consumer, it also eventually greatly reduces the level of trust that consumers have in the concept of online shopping.


BIGG WORLD is an online-to-offline (O2O) marketplace which not only provides quality products and services for purchase, but also imbibes consumers with actual information about its merchants and thereby raising trust in the platform itself. By employing the use of cutting-edge blockchain encryption technology, BIGG WORLD ensures that all reviews by users are accounted for and immutable, ensuring that the system remains open and fair. Users, merchants and partners are then rewarded for partaking in the process with its crypto-utility rewards token BIGG CASH.  As such it is a platform which aims to be a healthy and sustainable online ecosystem. The elegance of this proof of transactions rewards system has appealed greatly to all.

Since its induction on 9 June 2018, BIGG WORLD has grown from a few dozen to more than 600 merchant listings, with operations spanning Malaysia, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries and gathering much acclaim from its users.


In March 2019, BIGG WORLD’s online interface and Android application were overhauled and updated to provide a better shopping experience for its users, gaining higher participation. This also increased the public profile of BIGG CASH. The development of BIGG WORLD has not stagnated but has since gone from strength to strength, and is now poised to enact a strong presence in the China market.

BIGG WORLD’s reward and incentive system will be open to all of Asia by 2020. BIGG CASH will be used in China to develop BIGG Health, BIGG Agritech, BIGG Biotech, BIGG Finance, and BIGG Data with its partners, echoing the sentiments of Mr Nicholas Tan, “technology should be used constructively to improve our community’s social health and create a sustainable ecosystem.”

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