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The loving city of Taiyuan, celebrates the Fashionwalk Shopping Mall anniversary with an exclusive forest bus and art exhibition

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The loving city of Taiyuan, celebrates the Fashionwalk Shopping Mall anniversary with an exclusive forest bus and art exhibition

November 29
18:10 2019

Hong Kong – Nov 29, 2019 – This winter, the end of 2019, an international public welfare plan with love and warm is appearing in Taiyuan, Shanxi.

In order to raise the public’s attention and understanding of the natural environment, and encourage more and more friends to join the ranks of green and environmental protection, North American Xintiandi Shopping Center, North American N1 Art Shopping Center work together to create the “Green Light Forest” electric bus officially in this The departure of the month. Move nature to the city center and create a utopia in the downtown area. Every passenger who takes this bus during the North American Biennial are free to decorate this green bus, adding their own warm green in the cold winter. It is not just a business anniversary of the shopping center, but also extends the corporate social responsibility (CSR) behind the brand and leads by example.

There is a green light, injecting the most beautiful “filter and green” city with the most sincere sense of harmony!

From November 22 (Friday) to 24 (Sunday), people are available take the “Bus Bus” by taking the empty bottles that are no longer used daily and taking them to the New World Shopping Center in North America and the first floor of the North American N1 Art Shopping Center. The car-green light project; the empty bottle container under the careful guidance of the floral teacher, placed green plants, re-protected and sunshine, giving them a second life, returning to everyone’s daily life. Seemingly simple movements, paying homage to charity in a more pure way – the original, pampering nature and green life, is as simple as that!


In these three-days uninterrupted “Forest Bus – Green Light Project”, starting from the New World Shopping Center in North America, passing through the North American N1 Art Shopping Center, in the name of love, it will cycle back and forth in the important roads of Taiyuan City. Be green in the city you love, advocating the use of green environmental protection perspective to create the best peace and harmony between “people and green nature”.

Public welfare creates goodness, builds love and warm to corporate culture

Difference from traditional environmental protection activities such as afforestation, North American Xintiandi Shopping Center and North American N1 Art Shopping Center break the traditional thinking of the past, and adopt environmental protection theme and public transport to form a new mode of action-oriented greening and environmental protection, which makes people refreshed and innovative. The first method of creation, stepping into the car, it’s like being in the Amazon’s virgin forest, doing a body and mind wash. A fresh car body and fresh green plants are with a new serenity and absolute purity. The 72-hour city tour allows passers-by to smile and inspire each other, making nature and the city a more tacit partner. At night, the light of hope will diverge.

Applying color to the veins of the city, there is a kind of love called “space security”

On the second floor of the N1 Art Shopping Center in North America, an artistic color scroll hangs as if the stars are shining in the sky, explaining that the children of autism are trying to perceive the world, albeit weak but extraordinarily beautiful. From November 13th (Third) to 30th (6th), the “Nappy Color-Abstract Art Exhibition for Love” was held by the N1 Art Mall in North America.

A group of 30 volunteer families and 30 families of autistic children shared a painting association. Through imaginative paintings, the lonely mind spread out from the scroll. Although they can’t communicate properly with the outside world, the children rely on their own expressions, painting the colorful world with tender hands.

If charity is a practice, in addition to love, it also requires responsibility and persistence. As the first international shopping center in the country to advocate social sustainability (CSR), North America will continue to build a “healthy ecological business” model and continue to actively implement the society. Responsibility, from the 2017 micro-running charity to 2018, won the “99 Public Welfare Day” outstanding contribution award. The North American N1 Art Shopping Center and the New World Shopping Center in North America are committed to the community and the public to actively participate in charitable activities.

The North American N1 Art Shopping Center and the New World Shopping Center in North America each year spread the public welfare energy to every corner of the society in the name of love. They will take responsibility together and help the vulnerable groups and ideas to pass through the art painting and environmental protection secondary recycling. Employee partners and local city dwellers are working together to deliver meaningful and lasting social impact.

Extended reading:

North America – Biennial November 22 ~ December 01

North American Xintiandi “Forest Bus – Green Light Project” November 22 ~ 24, 10 am to 9 pm

North American N1 Art Shopping Center – November 13th – November 30th

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