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ONE TWO CULTURAL MEDIA: News marketing network promotion to make the brand more communicative

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ONE TWO CULTURAL MEDIA: News marketing network promotion to make the brand more communicative

November 29
21:15 2019

Nowadays, advertising is everywhere in the society. Why is news marketing, internet promotion, and news release always more acceptable to the public? Today, we interviewed the relevant marketing leaders of Sichuan Yierying Image Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yieryi Media) and told us some marketing techniques. Recently, I have been researching some small videos. Many people have integrated products into the videos. What you are watching is actually the attraction method, which attracts you through family relationships, hilarious paragraphs, and artificial love clips, and makes you interested in the product. This is a promotion effect.

For news marketing and online promotion to be successful, the key is to find an embedding point, just like a video shooting team, embedding corporate and product information into the video cleverly to achieve the effect of dissemination. You can also integrate the product into the text, which is easier to accept. When this advertisement is ubiquitous, how much can it really attract the attention of users? Most of the advertising is a waste of money and does not play any real role Effect. There are too many advertisements, customers are already fatigued, and most advertisements only cause resistance and resentment from users.

But people’s attitudes towards news are different. Getting news is an integral part of people’s daily life. If the marketing information is skillfully integrated into the news, it will not cause user dislike, which will increase the reading rate of customers. To achieve better promotion results.


Network marketing features:

1. Purpose: A successful planning solution can better reflect the value of news marketing communication. When we do a publicity, we must know why we did it, not just to increase exposure, or to promote the brand image of some companies. No value at all. From the perspective of marketing, the purpose of a news marketing should be to increase the sales volume of the product with advertisements. Just as before a certain node, various exposures and news promotion are required to achieve the purpose of promotion.

2. Dissemination: The value of news dissemination is unlimited. Every hour, every minute and every second, news enters our line of sight. You ca n’t see that he does n’t exist, or you have n’t had time to see it. It has become today. The hot events are happening every day, and there are news appearing every day. To a large extent, there are many news that look similar to each other. Grasping the news to do marketing must be more effective. A piece of disseminated news is the carrier of news marketing, so how to find the news point and use it by the enterprise is more important.

3. Embeddability: It has been analyzed that many people who are marketing planners will find embedding points. They can put a certain product into the news or video without any notice, and they can achieve the communication effect silently. This scale.

4. Hype: A friend from a liquor company said that news is worthless without hype. This is indeed the case. It is like a company that only promotes once a year, or holds a press conference. Except for showing a face in the Internet media, newspaper or TV the next day, there is no movement. Can this be called news marketing? This is just a small publicity, but from a marketing perspective, it must be said that it has failed.

In online marketing, through accurate news marketing, information is transitioned from the niche to the public, and from the public to the niche. Today as a media person proposes: In addition to being familiar with the characteristics of various media and mastering news release channels, they must also have excellent event planning and grasping abilities, and excellent market insight.

We need to use the power of online promotion to make products sublimate, and communication needs a way, and this way is by no means single.

In such a developed Internet era, promotion without the Internet is not considered to be online promotion; then we must do our own user experience and use the Internet platform to promote word-of-mouth for more advertisers.

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