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This patent-pending instantly inflatable pillow requires no blowing or pumping

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This patent-pending instantly inflatable pillow requires no blowing or pumping

February 03
14:30 2020

Instant Pillow is the instantly inflatable pillow, recently launched on Kickstarter that can be easily inflated and deflated, without the need for blowing. It features a patent-pending, innovative design that allows the user to inflate or deflate the pillow in an instant, even in small spaces like bus, plane or car without tiring the lungs, pumping or waving around. The Instant Pillow is currently running a crowdfunding campaign and it must reach its goal of $5087 by February 27th, to be funded.

To inflate the Instant Pillow, the user can just unroll it and allow air to flow into it, not necessarily waving it around or trying to fill it with air because it will be filled with air automatically. After which the user can simply roll the top opening of the instant pillow down to the desired hardness and clip.  The Instant Pillow works by compacting the air that is already inside it. This works by simply allowing air into the mouth of the inflated pillow then rolling down from the mouth and clipping. As a side feature of this method, the user can also choose how firm they want the pillow to be by choosing the number of rolls they do before clipping.

Similarly, to deflate the pillow, the user can simply unclip and unroll the top of the instant pillow and allow the air to escape. After this, they can roll the Instant Pillow down from the ‘Bottom’ toward the mouth and clips, the simply apply the elastic storage band to carry it safely.

Instant Pillow is super compact and easy to carry anywhere. It is perfect for traveling, hiking, camping and wherever the user needs a little comfort for their neck. The frequent flyers and backpackers must have this pillow as it is not only super easy to carry but can be inflated in tight spaces like bus, train or plane. Instant Pillow is also suitable for the beach, picnic or a music festival where the user would need to rest their head a little bit and don’t have a pillow on hand. When it is not inflated, Instant Pillow can be used to store small items while traveling. Made with high-quality material, Instant Pillow is comfortable, strong and provides great support to the head and neck.

Instant Pillow can be pre-ordered exclusively through its Kickstarter campaign at an early bird price.

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Company Name: Instant Pillow
Contact Person: Mat
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Country: Australia
Website: www.instantpillow.com

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