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Amazing New Technology Uses Oxygen as a Unique Solution for Coronavirus Outbreak

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Amazing New Technology Uses Oxygen as a Unique Solution for Coronavirus Outbreak

March 06
03:05 2020

Ohio – 05 March, 2020 – A New Device Destroys Viruses on In Hidden Hard to Reach Spaces of Busses, Schools, Hospitals and Facilities.

As needs killing coronavirus increase for diverse locations including transportation vessels, airports, schools, hospitals and workplaces, especially in light of the coronavirus outbreak a promising technology solution has emerged for the above problems. The US Patent office granted a patent for a novel ozone positive pressurization technology.

In light of the recent pandemic fears due to the rapid spread of the corona virus, new methods must be employed to prevent and control the spread of the existing and new outbreaks. With the modern world involving international commerce and movement of people transportation vessels, airports, schools and hospitals are ripe to spread disease germs rapidly. Due the exposure of travelling passengers, and moving people, in these spaces, a new approach is needed. Traditional approaches use outdated biocides, and are often left to the lowest members of organizations, the janitors. In order for them to work the surfaces need to be saturated to the point of soaking wet and kept that way for 10 minutes. This approach will never work to get into all of the hidden spaces infected by an airborne virus.

Thankfully an amazing new tool has already been developed, by a leading American manufacturer of ozone equipment. A new machine has been developed that positively pressurizes ozonated air into a structure or vessel. Using positive pressurization, forces the gas into all the hidden spaces of the building or vessel envelope and out of any gaps cracks or seems.  This gas will permeate any cavity, hidden spaces, saturating all surfaces, including, walls, ceilings, and floors. The protocol that has been proposed is based on voluminous peer reviewed testing and data, which has been accumulated by research institutions over the last 25 years. This protocol is ideal in that, there is no possibility of bacteria or viruses developing resistance due to the unique method of mechanical deactivation this killing method employs.

The solution is to saturate the enclosed space of a building or vehicle, with 6-9 ppm of ozone gas under positive pressure and keep it there for 20 mins. This protocol has been tested at both Los Alamos National Laboratory and at the University of Pennsylvania and proven to be effective at killing bacteria and mold spores. In 1981 Royal Et al discovered that high concentrations of ozone destroys the envelope of proteins and the protein lipid interface of viruses, then after damaging the envelope proteins ozone was discovered that is caused damage to the viral RNA after exposure to ozone was demonstrated by velocity sedimentation analysis. It was concluded that the damage to the viral nucleic acid is the major cause of virus inactivation by ozone.  Mechanism of enteroviral inactivation by ozone. D Roy, P K Wong, R S Engelbrecht, E S Chian

Thus this unique machine kills all pathogens when used daily or weekly. These machines come in a variety of sizes, and outputs and are available for both homeowners, transportation companies and facility managers.

Bestozonegenerator.com, which developed this patented technology, is actively seeking partners and distributors to rapidly bring these important products to the market.

About the Company:

www.bestozonegenerator.com is an organization that has been established around a core objective of solving the world’s pathogen problems and offering new technological solutions to a variety of industries that can benefit from their unique technological innovations. They are actively seeking licensing partners and are open to investment partners who would like to share in this unique opportunity.

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