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Business Challenge High5: Entrepreneurs Can Help To Combat the Consequences of COVID-19

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Business Challenge High5: Entrepreneurs Can Help To Combat the Consequences of COVID-19

May 20
19:04 2020

Against the backdrop of a changing world, the charity industry today looks like a frozen form and an impregnable rock. New tools practically do not appear, efficiency and transparency of activities are not ensured. Large international charity organizations (in particular, those working with UNICEF and WHO) are bureaucratic and not transparent. They themselves decide who can be a donator and who cannot, whereas their reports provide very general indicators.

The main problems of today’s charity industry are the lack of clear structured information on how funds are spent, what kind of assistance was provided. In 2010, for example, the Red Cross raised $500 million to build homes for Haitians after the earthquake. According to the organization’s reports, 130,000 people were provided with shelter. In reality, only 6 houses were built. It was not proven that the money had been stolen – perhaps it went to help the same Haitians in other directions, but if the Red Cross had been able to report adequately on the money spent, no one would have been left with a plume of mistrust.

The problems of charity need to be solved and it is especially necessary to accelerate it today, when the COVID-19 pandemic is walking around the planet, generously scattering the chaos and sorrow around. The IMF has already announced that global economic performance today has almost dropped to the level of the 1930’s Great Depression and forecasts are disappointing – the consequences of the pandemic have affected the whole world. There is a lack of medicines and means of assistance to the victims even in the clinics in developed countries, and there is nothing to mention in the less affluent regions.

The pandemic affected not only those who fell sick with coronavirus. Self-isolation, the shutdown of hundreds of thousands of businesses, lockdown to cultural events has led to a real collapse of public life. People are left unemployed, their livelihoods are melting, while not everyone is able to reconstruct themselves to the new realities, and it is impossible to do it quickly.

The scale of the problem is massive where everybody is actually involved. We need to help both, those who have been directly affected by the virus, doctors and just people who are in scarcity and do not know how they will live on.

High5 Movement! – is a new generation charity

Charity and mutual aid initiatives are emerging all over the world. One of the projects that supported the general wave of enthusiasm in combating the consequences of coronavirus is the Bloomzed, a financial platform. Elchin Suleymanov, a founder of Bloomzed, a businessman with many years of experience believes that today the business community should not stand aside from the problems that have hit humanity and help as much as they can.

Entrepreneurs initiated the new movement that includes two types of challenges under the general name “High5!” – Business and Social Challenge, It involves a series of interactive tasks performed by members of the movement, ultimately aimed at providing all the help that people need today.

The Bloomzed team offered its solution, unique in its simplicity and versatility – to hold an international charity event where anyone can participate without any restrictions. They call it – the LCTO, a fundamentally new way of charity activities where all participants benefit: win-win strucure.

The revolutionary feature of LCTO is that for the first time a participant (driven by a good will) of the charity receives something as well in exchange. In this case a participant receives a financial instrument, a tool of the Bloomzed platform. By becoming a member of the Bloomzed club, the BZT owner gets an opportunity to participate in the unique Bloomzed loyalty system – the project’s referral program.

*Referral program – multi-level system of cashbacks and bonuses, where you invite your friends through the appropriate section of the Bloomzed application and get a portion of cashbacks and bonuses from the payments of each invited person. The number of referrals – unlimited. The program works on five levels, and on each level you receive income from payments made by the people you invite and those they invite as well.

What is the High5 Business Challenge?

“Challenge to Businesses” is one of two challenges united by the common name ‘High5’. Both challenges imply interactive involvement of different audience, in this case – representatives of the business community. It invites to various charitable activities aiming to alleviate the state of depression in society, real help to those who is in need.

The essence of the Challenge is that every representative of business, small, medium or large, can contribute to the fight against the consequences of the pandemic, as well as to draw public attention to the problem and must be addressed to the whole world.

To participate in the Challenge, you need to decide what kind of help your company can provide at this time, what can be useful in the fight against COVID-19. In your application, you should tell us what kind of help you are providing – it can be a discount for customers or some free option that can make people feel better during the period of isolation, buying medicines for hospitals, etc. For example, you can announce your acceptance of BZT as a full or partial payment for your online goods and services and use it later on.

The High5 Movement aims to attract as many people as possible to pay attention to the problems caused by the coronavirus, so everyone realizes that they can contribute as well. At the same time, business should play the role of a leader because businessmen are people with an active life stance, and by setting an example for others, a chain reaction can be triggered – society will generate more and more kindness and participation towards each other. Any effort, even the smallest one is important in charity. Together we stand!

The campaign runs from April 23 to May 31, 2020.

Bloomzed invites new charity foundations and organizations to cooperate, calling to create a new trend in philanthropy, to change the industry towards greater transparency, efficiency and involvement of more people.

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