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Fillum – Mobile App Streaming Indian Language Short Films

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Fillum – Mobile App Streaming Indian Language Short Films

May 28
22:50 2020
Released Globally by Boston/Mumbai based StarARama, LLC

BOSTON, USA and MUMBAI, INDIA – StarARama LLC, an innovative film streaming startup, today announced the global launch of the Indian short film App Fillum. “Fillum is a streaming App platform that brings Short Films across multiple Indian languages, to millions of film enthusiasts around the globe,” they announced.

Fillum offers an extensive library of qualified, rich, short film content across multiple Indian languages and dialects consumable easily in one place… on your smartphone. India has a broad, rich and complex tapestry of regions, history, cultures and languages. Filmmakers have long captured stories through the lens of brilliant short films. Before today, too many independent Indian film makers lacked a platform to share their vision and craft.

Additionally, audiences that love long-form content have not yet taken to short films in the same way. The Fillum team believes this is also due to a lack of marketing and a focused platform that connects rich content with audiences. They felt there needed to be a platform for short filmmakers to own the spotlight and bring their journey to the fore. The team’s main love is short films, across multiple Indian languages.

The founders are also enthusiastic trivia seekers for behind the scenes information or interviews on anything to do with Indian cinema. Too, there is untapped potential to bring Indian long-form movies to the large, Indian diaspora distributed across the globe. Since these films are often neither available in cinemas globally nor featured on streaming platforms, Fillum sees a business partnering opportunity to help address the gaps in the industry through market and distribution intelligence. That will be a key focus of the App, as well.

Fillum aims to be a friendly, yet powerful intermediary bridging the gap between film lovers and filmmakers. Said Deepthi Murthy Iyer, Founder, CEO “we always carry a piece of “Home” in our hearts, now we have Fillum for our pockets.”

Download Fillum on APP Store – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1503314698

Download Fillum on Google Play Store – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fillum.app&hl=en

StarARama, LLC a Boston, Massachusetts based company.

Media Contact
Company Name: StarARama, LLC
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1 774-922-2667
City: Boston
State: Massachusetts
Country: United States
Website: www.fillum.app

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