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Learn about the latest movies and TV shows with Brian and Jake through their podcast “Pop Culture Leftovers”

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Learn about the latest movies and TV shows with Brian and Jake through their podcast “Pop Culture Leftovers”

May 29
23:28 2020

A Rotten Tomatoes Approved Publication, “Pop Culture Leftovers” is a weekly podcast hosted by Brian and Jake that brings you the information on the latest movies, comic books, and TV shows with in-depth reviews. It is just a show where two friends get together to discuss their liking and disliking.

“We aren’t experts, we’re not critics, we’re not writers but we are FANS! We’re called The Leftovers for a reason. We’re like Danny DeVito in Twins. All the talent and originality went into the other podcasts. All the crap that was left over… gone into what you listen to on this show”, says Brian and Jake, talking about the podcast “Pop Culture Leftovers”.

As of now, there are more than 300 episodes of the podcast “Pop Culture Leftovers”, with the first episode being released on April 2013. One of the episodes of the podcast is all about Ed Boon (creator of Mortal Kombat) video game, “Injustice: Gods among us starring the DC Superheroes”, along with the review of some other movies. Guests are also invited to each episode of the podcast that gives you extra insight on the subject. The episodes are released weekly.

This podcast is the right place for all the movie buffs that don’t have the time to select what movie or series to watch next. Brian and Jake are at your service and will help you decide what to watch and what not to spare your time on. In a recent episode they interview the PETA lawyer from Tiger King.

“Pop Culture Leftover” is gaining popularity more than ever because it is helping people maintain sanity in these difficult times, when people are confined to their homes, trying to find some solace watching good content on their TV. Brian and Jake mostly review the first episode of the latest shows that helps you to figure out if you should watch it or not, saving you the hassle of endlessly scrolling through streaming platforms. The podcast keeps you updated and posted about the latest movies, shows, games, and comic books that you might otherwise miss.

“Hi, Brian and Jake. I’ve been listening for 2 years now, and I just want to say thank you. Particularly during these difficult times, you guys have helped me find a bit of joy I need during these long days. I spread out my time listening to the podcast throughout the week so I don’t go through it too fast. Thanks for all you do, keep up the great work, stay safe!!!” review by celticfiry22, on the podcast “Pop Culture Leftovers”.

“Pop Culture Leftovers” is a fun and entertaining podcast that makes you forget about your troubles for some time and engage you in the lively and energetic vibes of the episodes. Listeners have been showering the podcast with love and appreciation for over 7 years now, and Jake and Brian are sure to receive the same amount of affection in the future too.

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