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FaceCast – Newcomer’s Wonderland on the Social App

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FaceCast – Newcomer’s Wonderland on the Social App

November 27
16:50 2020

Before stepping into the unknown world of the social apps, Lily was just a normal working girl who only got prince to be boyfriend in dreams. She easily became flush while touching or even just talking and eye contacting with boys or beautiful girls. Lily was super passive when it comes to make connection with people or make friends.

Lily did not know that there is even social apps to help people like her to make friends! When Lily first heard of it, she turned her nose up and thought “only fools and losers put their hopes on a cold app!” And now, she became the “fool”.

“FaceCast” is one of the social apps Lily uses till now. You may be curious why do not quote “Instagram” or “TikTok”? They are so popular! Yes! But comparing to Instagram and Facebook, Lily prefers to those growing and processing social apps, which fits her better.

“FaceCast” is not that obvious on the social apps ranking, but you will definitely notice it with its slogan “Meet new friends”.

Downloaded and signed in. Lily felt like she was Alice in her wonderland. So many new faces and live videos jumped into her eyes. At that moment, she was super anxious about what was going to do ? Which part should click and start? Oh! Lily was quite overwhelmed by the huge information in this new world. Then the slogan bumped up: Meet New friends. Yeah, it’s oldish, but it’s just what Lily needed at that time.

When Lily had no ideal where to begin first, the beginner’s guide bumped into eyes. FaceCast is a social app which started since 2018. It is a platform where you can enjoy other broadcasters’ live show or do your own live freely. When getting bored, the short video will be the best sauce while lying on the sofa. For me, the most attractive part is that you can make social connection, even making friends with people from all over the world. But how? You can share moments on a worldwide square, slide for new friends in 1-on-1, and send instant message to anyone you want in the world. The highlight part is AI translation in IM message, which breaks the language barrier. 

Opening FaceCast, as usual the greeting message from friends bumped up on the screen. One great day begins.

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