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Book by Author Hosain Mosavat “The Mosaic of My Life” – One Man’s Journey Through Life and the Pieces That Made Him Whole

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Book by Author Hosain Mosavat “The Mosaic of My Life” – One Man’s Journey Through Life and the Pieces That Made Him Whole

December 30
11:40 2020

Hosain Mosavat was a poet, a photographer, an adventurer, lover of life and the author of The Mosaic of My Life. His passion for life and the new and interesting things it sends his way is something that has given him hope and joy in equal measure. In a recent interview with his wife, she shared the motivation behind their latest work: a memoir which deserves to be read from cover to cover in a single sitting.

“Hosain’s life began in Iran, but it has been so much more than where he came from and where he lived throughout his life. It’s the journey that brought him here, the people who he met along the way and the loved ones who shaped the way he was that meant the most to him. Two dear friends and I once sat down with him and he started talking about his life and what he wanted to share with the world. He knew that the story would be able to write itself from the moment I picked up the pen. My hope is that it is something we can pass on to our family, share with our loved ones, and use to open the eyes of the wider world.”

This is certainly a moving way to look at the process of writing a memoir, but what parts of it did he find difficult?

“Writing means different things to different people, but to me it was a chance to sit and reflect on how far he came in life. We have been blessed to have our family, our friends and a whole host of cultural experiences that touched our life. When I started to put them all together, that’s when I started to think deeply about what it all meant. I would say that this process was a natural unfolding from his poetry books to sharing who he is with the world.

And with this in mind, what do you hope to achieve over the next year or so?

“I want to share his words and his story with as many people as possible. It’s all about being able to give something back, share something, inspire people and allow people to take a moment to think about the bigger picture life creates for them. We found the process so liberating and refreshing that we would be truly touched if one of his readers decided to embark on their own literary journey. It would mean everything to us that his words had provided such deep inspiration, and I certainly look forward to hearing what the rest of the world has to say after reading them.”

Visit Amazon.com today and explore a life that has taken one man on a truly memorable journey in so many different ways.

Author’s Website: https://awinkforyourheart.net

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