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Author’s Tranquility Press Endorses Ingrid Fredriksson’s New Book on Consciousness

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Author’s Tranquility Press Endorses Ingrid Fredriksson’s New Book on Consciousness

April 01
21:15 2021

Renowned author and consciousness advocate, Ingrid Fredriksson, publishes a book titled “Essays on Consciousness: Towards a New Paradigm” featuring works from other famous writers.

Essays on Consciousness: Towards a New Paradigm is the third book on consciousness from Ingrid Fredriksson as she continues to teach the world about the power and complexities of thought and consciousness. The captivating, highly educational, and informative book features famous coauthors across the globe.

Change is often said to be a difficult phenomenon, especially as people tend to get accustomed to the “usual” way of doing things, ultimately finding it difficult to make modifications even when it seems to be the only right option. The human consciousness has been described by experts as an untapped resource that could go a long way in making or marring an individual. Unfortunately, there are only a few resources designed to help people take advantage of their consciousness to chart a new course in their life. However, Ingrid Fredriksson is looking to change this narrative, with her third publication on consciousness titled Essays on Consciousness: Towards a New Paradigm substantiating this claim.

The comprehensiveness of the book as well as the relatable content delivered in easy-to-understand terms stand the “consciousness guide” out from other resources. The author and her contributors offer simple yet effective tips on different subjects as they relate to consciousness and how readers can take advantage of the principles to live a healthier, happier life.

The book contains the works of Olle Johansson, Ph.D. (Sweden), writing about understanding adverse health effects of artificial electromagnetic fields while also answering the multi-billion-dollar question – “Is rocket science needed or just common sense?”

The book on consciousness also features Richard L. Amoroso who is Professor and theoretical physicist, Eve Isham talks on “Save Free Will from Science,” and Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. (England) talking on “The Extended Mind.” Other contributors are Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. (US) who wrote about “The Origin and History of the Human Mind,” Attila Grandpierre, Ph.D. (Hungary) writing “All is One: The One, the Universe, and Consciousness,” and Gerard J. F. Blommestijn, Ph.D. (Netherlands), with “A Theory on the Relation between Quantum Mechanical Reduction Process and Consciousness.” The book also has interesting chapters written by Klaus Stüben, PhD. (Germany), Anita Westlund, (Sweden) and Alexander Graur, (Italy) the Music Integrative Neurotherapy.

Essays on Consciousness: Towards a New Paradigm is currently available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats for readers across the globe.

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