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Real Estate Investors Made Record-Breaking Purchases in Dubai Using Artificial Intelligence in 2023

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Real Estate Investors Made Record-Breaking Purchases in Dubai Using Artificial Intelligence in 2023

September 07
20:05 2023
Dubai’s real estate market is booming this year. The first half of 2023 witnessed an astounding sales volume exceeding AED 177 billion ($48.2 billion).

A significant driving force behind this remarkable growth is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Dubai’s real estate sector. Advanced AI-driven property technology platforms like Kyna.ai, are changing the real estate game. These platforms help investors globally effortlessly identify prime properties and make well-informed purchasing decisions. 

Surge in AI-Guided Real Estate Investments

Recent reports indicate a significant surge in AI-driven real estate investments. Investors from the UK, USA, India, and Russia have experienced substantial increases of 60% and 50%, respectively, in AI-assisted property purchases compared to the previous year.

“Using AI, I efficiently identified undervalued properties and confidently streamlined the entire purchasing process” emphasized an investor from London who purchased two apartments in Dubai Marina last month.

Introducing State-of-the-Art AI in Dubai Real Estate

Kyna.ai, best property finder in dubai leverages capabilities like Conversational AI, Predictive Analytics and Computer Vision to reveal market trends not attainable through traditional methods. However, human oversight remains essential when using AI to empower real estate investment choices.

Kyna’s technology is developed by Floges Software Solutions, an Indian technology company with over a decade of experience in constructing technology platforms for global clients across various industries.

Our goal is to boost transparency and efficiency in real estate transactions and maximize investor profits by utilizing innovative technologies,” said Sreejith T, founder and CEO of Kyna.

Invest in Your Future 

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, Dubai’s property market is a hub of investment opportunities. The city’s strategic location, economic stability, and visionary urban planning have attracted investors from around the globe. Owning property in Dubai isn’t just about acquiring a physical asset; it’s a move toward securing your financial future in a city that consistently ranks high in terms of growth potential and return on investment.

Planning to invest in Dubai? Then https://www.kyna.ai is worth trying.

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