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The Web3 Gaming Summit Kicks Off in Singapore; L7 DEX Steals the Show

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The Web3 Gaming Summit Kicks Off in Singapore; L7 DEX Steals the Show

September 15
05:25 2023

On September 11-12, 2023,the second session of the Web3 Gaming Summit took place in Singapore. Co-hosted by the Asian Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) and Degame, L7 DEX, a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform,made a strong impact at the event.

As a key part of the Singapore TOKEN2049 event series, , this summit gathered top projects, investors, and experts from the gaming and blockchain industries.  It explored the latest trends in gaming,foucusing on the new narratives that arise from the collision and convergence of cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and AI.The summit offered a dynamic platform for both in-person and online attendees to discuss and share ideas.

L7 DEX is a decentralized perpetual contract exchange that was first launched on the BNB Chain. It utilizes an innovative ‘peer-to-peer’ PvP-AMM protocol and unique trading auxiliary tools, along with highly optimized smart contracts, to further enhance the trading experience and reduce transaction costs,creating a more efficient, fair, and secure trading environment for users.

At the summit, L7 DEX introduced a fresh new NFT concept . As one of the key assets of L7 DEX, they have already released the L7 Members CLUB series NFT, which is being used for community member verification and ownership rights proofs,boosting community engagement and revenue.These new NFT series designs were  popular among the attendees during the summit.Besides,L7 DEX and the participants had continuous discussions on the specific applications of NFTs in GameFi and DeFi.The atmosphere was electric and drew in a lot of attendees.

As a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform with its core technology ‘PVP AMM’ model  , L7 DEX also showcased upcoming products and technologies for Q4. From an innovative perspective, They explained their transaction models and engaged in discussions on improving transaction models for gaming. The related activities and discussions received enthusiastic responses on-site.

In addition to the Web3 Gaming Summit, L7 DEX joined the seven-day TOKEN2049 crypto feast in Singapore. During the various activities and conferences, L7 DEX collaborated and interacted with different projects and crypto enthusiasts. With its innovative trading model and development roadmap, many projects expressed their interest in partnering with L7 DEX during this summit. As an asset-based DeFi platform, L7 DEX will further deepen its collaboration with quality projects in the future, gradually refining its development roadmap to bring more and better products to users and the market.

The TOKEN2049 and Web3 Gaming Summit were a big hit. The entire city of Singapore, together with Web3 enthusiasts from around the world, has brought forth this cryptocurrency feast, showcasing the passion and vitality of the Web3 industry to the world and once again placing blockchain back in the spotlight. In today’s rapidly evolving technology and continuously innovating industry, the decentralized perpetual contract trading platform, L7 DEX, has been deeply engaged in technology and participated in this summit with an innovative approach, bringing a more efficient trading model with its new product. This conference further solidifies the development concept of blockchain projects centered around innovation. In the future, L7 DEX will continue to devote itself to promoting the wider application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, creating new examples of DeFi applications, and providing new ideas for the development of Web3.

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