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The Inception of Bit Best Mining Pool: A Prominent Achievement – Endorsement of Nigeria’s Bitcoin Mining Factory’s Credibility

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The Inception of Bit Best Mining Pool: A Prominent Achievement – Endorsement of Nigeria’s Bitcoin Mining Factory’s Credibility

September 29
05:40 2023

*The Adventurous History of Bitcoin Miners: The Greatest Transformation Beckoning New Heroes*

Bitcoin (BTC) originated from a white paper in 2008, marking the historic invention of blockchain. In January 2009, the first batch of BTC was mined. As time progressed, cryptocurrency started gaining recognition. However, mining was tedious and hard, seldom attracting participants. For years, only a handful ventured into this territory with the daily mining output being minimal. By 2015, Bitcoin hit its first growth peak, surging in value tenfold, enticing the first wave of adventurers. Some set up makeshift mining operations in their backyards with old PCs. As investment poured in, the scale of mining operations expanded. Dedicated mining rigs were even developed, increasing efficiency manifold. By 2017, with the frenzy around crypto exchanges, mega-scale mining sites mushroomed everywhere, with daily mining outputs soaring over ten thousand. The industry had officially taken shape.

*From Zero to One: The Journey of Acquiring the First Mining Factory*

Bit Best, in an unprecedented move, acquired what would be the world’s largest mining base. Upon learning about a significant Bitcoin mining factory in Nigeria undergoing restructuring, Bit Best initiated research and an acquisition plan. Experts and investment teams were dispatched for an in-depth local survey, ensuring superior geography, manpower, and equipment. The research and inspection were challenging, requiring a rigorous six-month on-site survey and asset examination. At times, even in 40°C temperatures, the team tirelessly worked to resolve issues. Bit Best also upgraded some heavily worn-out equipment to maximize profits. After nearly 20 rounds of intense negotiations over the following months, Bit Best successfully acquired the mining factory at a satisfactory price. This monumental acquisition in Nigeria showcased Bit Best’s impressive negotiation skills and unique market insight. This acquisition is a significant step in Bit Best’s strategic future development, ensuring robust project development and sustainability.

*Credibility: The Cornerstone of Trust in the Business World*

In this context, Bit Best has endorsed its credibility by acquiring the Bitcoin mining factory in Nigeria. This facility, equipped with powerful Bit Micro Horse M50 miners boasting a hash rate of 122T, forms a part of Bit Best’s strategic hash rate network. Comprising 50,000 such powerful machines, it sets the stage for unparalleled wealth potential.

Bit Best’s decision to choose Nigeria as the mining base was based on:

– Strategic geographical location, adjacent to the crucial Red Sea transport route, ensuring smooth maritime access.

– Government’s active promotion of emerging industries with a host of favorable policies.

– Favorable climate with average temperatures between 24-30°C, ideal for running miners with fresh-air cooling.

– Abundant and stable energy supply, with inexpensive electricity costing only about $0.1 per kWh.

– Rich local human resources, numerous professional technicians, and controllable operational costs.

Bit Best has invested $300 million in building this mega-mining facility. So far, 50,000 mining rigs have been installed, bringing the total hash rate to an astonishing 1000PH.

Let’s calculate the potential earnings of Bit Best. A single Bit Micro Horse M50 miner can produce 0.00029402 BTC daily. Multiply this number by 50,000 machines, and in 24 hours, we have an impressive output of 14.7 BTC. At the current Bitcoin trading price, Bit Best’s mining facility in Nigeria can generate daily earnings of $387,100, amounting to a staggering annual revenue of $141.3 million.

However, this is just the current scenario. With the value of Bitcoin projected to reach new heights after the expected halving in April 2024, the earnings could soar to astonishing figures. This embodies the potential and opportunity Bit Best brings to us. We see not just the figures in terms of revenue but the boundless possibilities it can unleash.


At Bit Best, we understand that credibility and legitimacy are paramount in the blockchain realm. Thus, the project is actualizing this promise through cutting-edge technology and transparent processes. New application features are soon to be launched, allowing users and partners to monitor the Bitcoin mining operation in Nigeria in real-time, around the clock, ensuring true transparency. Importantly, Bit Best is also committed to hiring local talents and boosting employment in Nigeria. We believe this project will greatly benefit the local community and drive overall socio-economic development, gaining further support and influence from the government for the subsequent compliant development and new scenarios of the Bit Best project.

Bit Best is not just a platform but a vision for the future of blockchain. Users can embark on a journey to a decentralized tomorrow alongside the project. Believe in potential, believe in Bit Best. Witness the growth of Bit Best and see the forthcoming rise of the Bit Best edifice.

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