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Michael DeVinney, author of the book Pure Political Philosophy: Natural Law and Sulaocracy, talks about his struggles after hydrocephalus and craniotomy

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Michael DeVinney, author of the book Pure Political Philosophy: Natural Law and Sulaocracy, talks about his struggles after hydrocephalus and craniotomy

March 27
11:45 2020

Michael DeVinney is a Navy veteran and an economic expert who recently launched his book “Pure Political Philosophy: Natural Law and Sulaocracy” on Amazon. Through his extensive research, he explains the book that understanding economics without understanding philosophy is impossible. Before writing this book, he faced life-threatening health issues that left him unable to walk or speak. Despite health struggles, Michael kept a positive attitude that helped him come out stronger.

In this exclusive interview, he talks more about his condition and what inspired him to write his book.

Interviewer: Please give us a brief of your background.

Michael DeVinney: My name is Michael DeVinney, I’m a Navy veteran, and economic expert. I have recently published my book Pure Political Philosophy: Natural Law and Sulaocracy. When I’m not working, I love read, play golf, attend sporting events, and spend time with my family. I currently live in Arlington, Virginia.

Interviewer: Tell us about the health issues you’ve overcome?

Michael DeVinney: In August 2014, I was taken to the hospital due to vertigo and vomiting. I was discovered I had an arterial dissection. Shortly after, hydrocephalus, which resulted in a craniotomy. Essentially, I wasn’t getting blood to my brain due to the arterial dissection (ruptured artery), which was further complicated by hydrocephalus (fluid buildup on in my head). Hydrocephalus can cause severe damage, it’s extremely painful, so I had to go into emergency surgery to remove a piece of my skull to ease the pressure on my brain (craniotomy).

Interviewer: What was your thought process during the recovery period?

Michael DeVinney: I narrowly escaped severe damage. I was unable to walk, speak, and much more. Recovering is not as simple as relearning tasks. It’s difficult to explain how I feel on every movement (maybe being dizzy while wearing weights on only the left side), but I have made a tremendous recovery and will continue to improve. Everyone experiences difficult life situations. I don’t want to sound like I’m giving a sob story or want people to feel bad for me. It is what I have experienced and how it shaped my personality.

Interviewer: Have you made a good recovery?

Michael DeVinney: Yes, I have made a good recovery and will continue to do so, but this can’t be done without a good attitude and hard work. I was unable to do much and could have felt bad for myself and never returned to work. However, I have never once had a bad attitude or was upset about what happened. All I could do was try my best to improve—that is just what I did. A lot can happen that’s beyond your control, mistakes will be made, and much more. Nobody is perfect and nobody is mistake-free, but dwelling on the past can cause you to stagnate as an individual.

Interviewer: When did you decide to write your book “Pure Political Philosophy”?

Michael DeVinney: After the stroke, I worked and went back to school full time, I’ve patented an invention, what is next? I decided to write a book. I knew understanding economics without understanding philosophy is impossible, but few have made the connection. The ones who do, rarely put it in one book. Besides, psychology fits like a puzzle with economics, but not a single person made that connection, until now. I wished there was a book that explained all of it, so I began to write. Pure Political Philosophy: Natural Law and Sulaocracy, incorporates all three. I remained consistent and made contributions to all three subjects while illustrating the connection.

Interviewer: Tell us more about your book.

Michael DeVinney: My book explains in detail the impossibility of understanding economics without understanding philosophy. It features the conclusions after years of research and study. In this book, I have defined ethics and morals, using deductive logic, apply economic laws to political organizations, and identify various psychological effects that result. In the section at the end, I have provided a reading list to increase their knowledge.

Interviewer: What other projects are you currently working on?

Michael DeVinney: I have other books in mind, but they are in the very early stages. As of now, I’ll be working and workout—trying to recover. I don’t know exactly how the future will unfold, but I will always improve.

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